How To Camp With a Hammock- Easy and Comfortable

Most people believe that you have to deal with a tent when you go camping. However, I have found that camping with a hammock can be easier and more comfortable! Hammocks are easier to set up, break down, and carry. There are so many circumstances where it is better to have a hammock than a tent. However, there are certain things that you need to prepare for! So I will tell you from my personal experience how to camp with a hammock.

Benefits of Camping with Hammocks

  • So much easier to set up and take down than tents!
  • Lighter and easier to pack than tents
  • In my opinion more comfortable than tents (even if you have a sleeping pad for your tent)

If you have ever gone camping and have set up a tent then you know how much of a disaster it is to deal with them! All the poles and holes and cloth make tents a nightmare to set up. I can easily set up ENO up in under 3 minutes. If you are setting up in the dark then tents are almost impossible, however you can easily setup a hammock in the dark.

Putting tents back away is almost worse than setting them up! You have to jam everything in and then spend a few minutes rearranging and squeezing until you can zip up the pack. Taking hammocks down requires no hassle. Just unhook the straps and bundle your hammock into it’s pouch.

Hammock’s are also light and easy to shove in your pack! They take up very little room and there’s no metal poles.

I enjoy sleeping in my ENO. I set it up all the time to enjoy a nice day! I think that hammocks MUCH more comfortable than tents even if you have a sleeping pad. Whenever I sleep in tents I feel as if I have to contort my body to fit with the rocks and other objects on the ground. I would just rather sleep comfortably in a hammock!

What type of Hammock?

I personally have an Eno, and if you wanna see why check out my Article about why Eno is best.

What you need in you hammock:

  1. Made out of nylon type material
  2. The hammock has straps!
  3. Easily put away into a pouch

A hammock is a type of furniture made from canvas or rope mesh suspended by cords on the end. So a hammock is a very broad term for a type of furniture. When I am talking about hammocks I am referring to Nylon hammocks; not the big heavy rope ones with metal stands.

NYLON: The hammocks I am referring to for camping are ENO style hammocks. Enos and other hammocks I am referring to are nylon hammocks that are easy to set up and break down. There are so many different brands for these hammocks out there. ENO, Wise Owl Outfitters, L. L. Bean has one, literally to many to name. I personally own an ENO and it has served me very well for over three years.

Straps: The most important thing to look for when you are buying a hammock is that it has straps. Straps are what make setting up hammocks easy. The general concept is that you hammock has straps you wrap around the tree and hook up to the ends of you hammock. DO NOT get a hammock that requires ropes, screws, stands, or anything like that. Your hammock should just be cloth with clips at the end to secure to the straps. You want to be able to easily set you and take down you hammock.

Pouch: Another thing to look for is that the hammock can easily be put in a pouch. ENO and several other hammocks like it have a pouch on the hammock so you can never lose it. The pouch is important because it keeps you hammock tidy and easy to pack.

Preparations for camping with a Hammock

First thing you need to make sure of is that there are trees where you are going camping! You will need something to hang your hammock between!

There are a couple of weaknesses of hammocks you have to keep in mind when you are camping with them.

  1. Nylon materials are not good insulators! Hammocks get cold!
  2. Rain

Nylon materials are very lightweight and do not hold heat at all. If you are sleeping in an ENO it will get cold at night even if it is 75 degrees outside! So when you are going camping MAKE SURE you bring a sleeping bag or blankets. How cold hammocks get are a downside to sleeping in hammocks, but you can easily deal with the cold by sleeping with a sleeping bag or blankets.

  • I would personally recommend a good sleeping bag! Sleeping bags are easier to keep under you so your back will stay warm.

RAIN! You have to be prepared for the elements to go against you. Every single time I have gone backpacking there is a monsoon at least one night! I have found if I have prepared properly the storms make the experience even more fun!

How to prepare for Storms:

There are several ways you can prepare your camping site for weather. The most important thing to keep dry is yourself! Many hammocks offer a rain cover accessory, which is very effective but pricey. I always bring a 10×10 tarp with me and hang it up over my eno. To set up the tarp I tie it about a foot over my eno, and then I secure the sides with spikes. I secure the edges of the tarps so I do not get hit by any sideways rain!

The shelter you have made for yourself also work great to keep your gear dry! Just throw your bag and other things under your hammock and the tarp will keep them dry as well. Make sure you notice incline and prepare for run down water. You can do this by placing all of your items on a water proof material.

Enjoy your easier way to camp

Hammocks make setting up your camping spot for the night a breeze. Taking a hammock down is also so much easier than having to put away a tent! If you prepare correctly you can be living the high life in your hammock on your next backpacking trip!

If you would like to know what kind of hammock I recommend you can check out my article about Camping with Enos!

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  1. Hey, Wilson! As a woman, I have always been nervous about camping with just a hammock. It sounds fun! I usually have one set up for relaxing in nature, though! Cool article!

  2. I got a Ticket to the Moon hammock last summer just for relaxing but it made me realize how great they would be for camping. I guess all I would need for summer use is a rain cover. One thing that comes to mind is mosquitos! We have a ton of them here in Finland during the summer so I guess I would need a mosquito net and some form of back isolation as I reckon they can suck through the nylon. I’m definitely going to build a camping set out of my hammock!

    • Yeah there are plenty of mosquito replant options! I usually just use a mosquito candle and bug spray and that works for me! However I don’t know about the Finland mosquitoes!

  3. Hi, Wilson.
    I’ve never really been a camping fan, but I can somehow relate. It’s really complicated to set up a tent, more so taking it down. I had never thought of just using a hammock before. It sounds like a viable option. I will tell my cousins about it next time we go camping.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  4. True hammocks are really useful, thanks for sharing tips on how to choose a good hammock when going for camping. It’s really useful. Now I know specifically what are the things I should need to check out when buying a one. Thanks a lot!!

  5. Informative post!
    I like the idea of using a hammock instead of a tent because the hammock will be much easier to set up.
    I’ve used hammocks before but never as the main way to sleep during a camping trip but I am excited to try this way out in the future.
    I like the tip you talk about using a 10×10 tarp as a rain shield because this sounds effective.
    Thanks for all the useful information about hammocks!

  6. The hammock is a great idea. I imagine it could be challenging to get a good night’s sleep because of mosquitos, but then again, it’s a much easier solution. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Wilson,
    I’ve tried camping before and I hated making the tents and therefore I always hesitate to go on one again. The hammock idea is something that I never really thought about, but after reading your article and seeing how easy it is to setup, I think I’ll be going on another camping trip sometime in the future.
    Thanks again for the great article!! Keep it up

  8. Even though a lot of people like to take a nap on a hammock in the garden, they’re not so often thought of as a sleeping possibility for camping. At first, I thought that it would only be doable in warm and dry weather, but then you mentioned the sleeping bag and the rain cover. It sounds like camping in a hammock is a good idea as long as there’s something sturdy around to hang it from.

    • Good point I forgot to mention that you have to make sure that where you are going has sturdy trees! I’m going to go back in and add that!

  9. Wow, this will make camping a lot more better and convenient than it used to be because making tents is sincerely one of the things I hate most about camping, it’s very stressful and sometimes frustrating if you’re not able to sort it out easily. I’ve not tried Hammock before but I think it’s gonna of great use. It’s very thoughtful of you to suggest precautions for weather conditions like rain but using the 10×10 strap. Thanks for sharing this detailed information, it’s very helpful.

  10. I’ve had so many annoying experiences with camp tents severally, I love camping trips so I always try as much as possible to make my schedule free for my family whenever they demand us to go for one. I must commend your efforts for this, it’s very useful and will definitely be very helpful to have an alternative for tents, a more convenient and easy to set one. Thanks for sharing tips about what to look for in a Hammock, it’ll be of help, but I’ll appreciate if you can recommend a reliable market of place online where it can be gotten from. It’s nice to read through this informative article.

    • I can certainly recommend market places to order hammocks online from! Let me do some research about it and I will update as soon as I can! 

  11. Hi Wilson, nice article. Sleeping outside in a hammock sounds like fun. As you say it has to beat a tent for comfort. And a tarpaulin can be used when it rains. Nothing beats going to sleep listening to the rain unless you are getting wet or there is a thunder storm. Do you have any tips on making your hammock stable? I tend to move about in my sleep and want to make sure I don’t fall out.

    • As long as you set up the hammock correctly then it should stay stable! Just make sure you have attached your hammock to sturdy trees and you have attached your straps correctly. I prefer to setup my hammock tight so it doesn’t have much give. 

      I have never had a problem with falling out or my hammock being unstable. 

  12. Nice post! Sounds like a super idea and one I have never thought about. For sure I will do that the next time I go camping which I usually do every summer. I will also be reading this site for more useful information.


  13. Honestly, I’ve never thought of the idea before to use a hammock instead of a tent. It sounds like a great option as it is so much lighter to carry and set up. Plus I would feel that I’m closer to nature or more part of it then in a closed tent. The tarp you’re referring to, is it a lightweight one, is it easy to carry along as well?


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