Eno for Camping! Review

Eno For Camping!! Is it best?

Product: Eno

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: Around $70

Suggested to buy with an ENO:

Atlas Straps, around $20

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars

My Rating: 9/10

If you are going camping in the woods and it will be moderate temperatures (above 30 degrees F) then I would suggest camping with a hammock! Hammocks are so much easier to set up and take down than tents and they are much easier to pack. 

So hammocks are the way to go, but what type? There are so many out there that it can overwhelming to know you are choosing the correct one. You can guess by the title that I would recommend buying an Eno! 

I have owned an Eno for years and have never had a complaint about it! They are great hammocks and Eno is a great company. They have pledged to plant two trees for every Eno sold! So if you like buying products from companies with a positive impact then Eno is one of them.

I would recommend buying a hammock if you are someone that enjoys being outside in the sun! They are great for several occasions like: reading outside, hanging out with friends (hehe pun), relaxing, napping, and camping! I have not regretted buying my Eno for one second! 

When you go camping you will have to bring something to keep you warm! Nylon is a very breathable material so it does not hold heat very well. Which is good if it is warm out but at night you will need a sleeping bag, blankets, or the quilt accessory.

  • Easy to setup and take down 
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to pack 
  • There has to be something to set it up between
  • Will get cold- You will need a sleeping bag, blankets, or Eno quilt accessory
  • More expensive than other hammocks, but you know that you are getting a good product. 
I would recommend buying the DoubleNest Eno because it is larger. The DoubleNest is designed for two people! The single nest is rather small and I have felt cramped in it but I am a larger person. 

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  1. Hi, what material are Eno hamocks made of? They look very strong. I think that the price is a little high, but you’ll probably get good quality, right? They probably last for many years. Lots of hammocks are sold in my area, because it is a coastal region, we always have warm and lovely weather 😉 Some hammocks that are sold here are cheap, and the thicker ones are more expensive, but they are more durable, and I prefer to get those. So, I guess that it is worth it paying a little more. 

    • Eno’s are made out of Nylon! So they are VERY strong and lightweight. They are on the more expensive side but they are great quality! I’ve had mine for years and have never had a problem with it!

  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I am an hiking and camping lover and do a lot of these activities. I have been using tent for many years, but in several occasions, the situations are scared me, once we found that there was a snake in our tent in the middle of our sleep and many times there were a lot of antes etc.

    Here comes your article. Hammocks can be the solution to relieve my fears of animals in my tent. I generally go to camps with my wife. Thank you for your reminder that we need to buy DoubleNest which hold for two people. 

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

  3. I always loved hammocks! This is a pretty cool idea when going camping.
    And it is so much easier to set up than a tent.
    That’s a pretty good price as well.
    I would imagine that you wouldn’t use it if it was very cold, right?
    But this would be perfect in my backyard too for relaxing! I love it. I haven’t used a hammock since I was a kid.
    I do feel you get what you pay for. The Eno seems to be an excellent choice!
    Are there any other cons to buying the Eno?

    • The only negative thing about Nylon is that it does get very cold! So you will have to prepare for it with a sleeping bag, blankets, or the quilt accessory from ENO

  4. A friend of mine had an eno in his garden but it was brought down later. I have a few questions about it though. How strong are they? Can they really hold for a person of great weight? Are they are perfect substitute for the tent and finally what exactly are they made of? I will await your prompt reply.

    • They are very strong! They are made out of Nylon which is a very strong material. I am 6’6 230Lbs and I have had no problem with them. They are not a perfect substitute because they do not hold heat very well. You have to prepare for the cold and bring something to keep you warm. They are good if the temperatures are over 30 degrees, but if it gets under that then it would be better to bring a tent! 

  5. Hello!  What a great review of Eno hammocks!  I’ve never thought of using it while camping (instead of a tent).  But you’re right!  I’m sure they’re so much easier to pack and travel with!  I also like what the company stands for and that they plant 2 trees for each product sold!  That’s terrific!

    In all, it seems like a great product!  I think the price is appropriate.  The only drawback might be not really knowing if you’ll find 2 trees!  Thanks for this review!  I’m putting one of these on my wishlist!  

  6. Thank for being honest about the brand Eno For Camping Hammock. I have got a couple of cheaper brands over the last couple of summers thinking they would be just the same. The last time I got a high end hammock was when I worked on a commercial fishing boat. It was bad enough rolling out onto the floor, let alone if my hammock broke:) 

    All the other guys thought I was crazy I said that’s how they did back in the days of common sense. Sleeping on a hammock at sea was the best thing ever!.

    These look good as.

    Cheers Ropata

  7. Great article and site, very nicely done straight to the point Images are clean and crisp text is spaced accordingly and easy to read. You have written good posts that quite a few people will enjoy reading, I especially like the water purification and survival food posts and yes I do love hammocks. Great Job and Good Luck.

  8. Because of this article, I am checking out the Eno. I have a large backyard and hang out there sometimes to read my books or just sit around with the dogs nearby. The idea of a hammock is a good one. I am just wondering if it wouldn’t be too warm for my tropical address and nylon? Wouldn’t I be sweating a lot? Just wondering.

  9. Wow, this will be a very different experience for me in my camping. I like the fact that you have shared here with us the eno for camping and also given different varieties to choose from. I think it will be really great for my gaming experience. I will remember to take a good blanket just for the cold. I will be back with my fedback on making use of it. Thank you

  10. It is the setting up of tents that makes me hesitant to go camping. But now that I see this ENO hammock, it’s giving me 2nd thoughts on going camping again. The only thing is that it will get cold, but hopefully the extra warm clothes and blanket can counter that. Thanks for sharing this product.

  11. I really like this idea, Wilson.  With the aid of a mosquito net (which they make), this would be a great accessory for those who like to boondock out in the quiet spaces of the national forests or anywhere else where there are lots of trees to hang from.  

    I have seen people that even use these as a permanent bed for all their sleeping.

    I don’t think the price is too up there but I was wondering… does it come with attachments for anchoring to trees or are they purchased separately (like I see at Amazon).  One could work around that though if they had a couple of heavy pieces of rope and sturdy carabiners.  There even seems to be a setup for the back yard as well.  And there are a plethora of colours to choose from as well to make everyone happy.


  12. I love that! Two trees for each hammock we buy. I like the idea. I think that hammock is one of the best ways to kick back and relax, whether at home or in nature. It takes literally 3 minutes to set it up and equal time to put it back. I like the DoubleNest Eno because it’s larger. I might get one very soon! Thanks for sharing. Great stuff!

  13. I am quite heavy at around 136 Kg do you think the ENO would hold me? Of course I would need to find some good trees to hang between.  I do a lot of camping but I have never slept in a hammock. The idea has often crossed my mind but, Over here in the UK we do not get guaranteed weather and I do not want to get wet. Do they do a version that encloses? That would be a great idea. I often think that laying in a hammock on a sunny day with a drink in my hand, seems like being on a paradise island. Thanks. Mark 

    • The Eno should have no problem holding you! They are very strong. I am very heavy myself and have never had an issue with it. And to prepare for the rain they sell rain fly’s or what I do is hang up a tarp over the Eno to keep the rain out. 

  14. WOW, great review, 

    I am looking for buying a hammock. It looks like I found the correct item. you share all the information with pros and cons about this product.that is really helpful to get an idea about this hammock…when I read this review I realized ENO is a high-quality brand. Soon I will buy this hammock. 

    Thank you for sharing the link to buy ENO hammock with all the info we need to know. Keep up the good work.

  15. Wow, this is one of the coolest item I have seen. I do not even need to go camping to have it. I can see how I can set it outside and have a good afternoon read on it. I think this is is better than a tent since I will be hanging in the air. I have already eliminated crawling things that freak me out. If the price is for a hammock that is large for two people then that is not so high. Altogether, one that lasts for some years is a good bargain for money. Thank you for this recommendation.

  16. To be honest, my husband likes Camping very much. He used to drive a little guy out to camp outside this summer. Once he came back, he said to me, I took the little guy out for a night. But the little guy saw other small partners have hammocks, he also wants.
    The hammock mentioned in your post seems to look great. I am going to buy one online, will be able to use it next summer.

  17. Hi, thanks for your post. I have been looking for camping hammocks, but I was in doubt if it is comfortable to sleep all night. I see you mention that a doubleNest could be a good option. I’m also a big guy! : D

    I really like the option of sleeping above the ground and not having to deal with insects or small animals.

    In addition, the hammocks are very good to carry since it is assembled and disassembled very easily! I believe even if the weather is a bit cold, with a good sleeping bag we can use it equally.

    I’ve heard of this ENO brand that is very good, so I’m going to check it out!

    Thanks for the review.

  18. This looks like a great way to go camping! I have a friend that swears by using a hammock, he even uses is at home! I think I will take your advice on the DoubleNest Eno since I am a large person myself. I might even pick up an extra one for the kids! I really like that they will plant two trees for every one sold, that is a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  19. For the stronger material of the Eno hammock, the price seems just right! The weight at 1.2 pounds is also doable for carrying around. I would probably use it with my family in the day during camping. For the nights, there is no way I will go with anything other than a tent and some very warm sleeping bags! It would get too cold for me otherwise.

  20. I just went to an island back in August this year. We were put in a group by the hotel and I was traveling with a soldier from Germany who was on his vacation and a family of four who came from Thailand. On this island, there were standard picnic tables and lots of hammocks. 

    I can’t remember the last time I tried a hammock, so I tried one. It was the most relaxing day of my life in that hammock while looking at the coconut leaves and the sun rays that randomly peeks between those leaves. I told myself I am going to get one soon. 

    Now, me and my co-workers are planning to go to another island before the end of the year. This island has no electricity and no hotels/accommodations. You must bring your own tent and lamps. I will be getting my hammock and a tent and enjoy my stay there. I don’t really mind the price. I think the Eno is just worth price based on the pros you have listed.

  21. These hammocks, seem like just the right thing for hiking, in the great out doors,or when you go backpacking.

    A nylon hammock, is a little on the expensive side,but it will be worth it for the comfort,and if it is usable for years.

    It’s great that you can get a Double Nest,as often you go out in a party of two or three,then you may need a bigger hammock.

    I think that it would be advisable, to take along a sleeping bag, if it is liable to get cold.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a hammock,when you go camping?,(if it is cold you can sleep in the tent,if it is hot you can use the hammock)

  22. The Eno hammock seems ideal for camping or even use in the back yard if there are a couple of trees around. Barring that, I am sure I could come up with some solution like a couple of poles placed strategically to hang the hammock from when the ideal weather hits!

    You do mention one disadvantage which is exposure to the weather which is true, but as long as you have the right sleeping bag, I do not see that as a show-stopper at all. You mention these are a bit more expensive than other brands that are out there. How much are we talking about extra? I do not paying extra for quality, as in most cases you get what you pay for.  

    • Depending on the brand and where you buy it you can find similar products for around $40-$50. However the cheaper ones often have disadvantages. For example several don’t have the same lifespan as Eno. Others have a pouch that isn’t attached so you run the risk of losing it! 

      I have friends that have bought the cheaper versions and they started getting runs in their hammock within the first year of use. There are some good options for less out there, but with Eno you know that you are getting a good product!  


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