Best Water Filter For Camping- Easy and effective

Best Water Filters for Camping

Water filters are great to have for camping. If you have a water filter then you don’t have to carry all of your water for your trip. Water is the heaviest thing you carry, so it will make your pack so much lighter if you have a water filter! 

All products ranked here will do their job. You can trust all of them to purify water. A disclaimer though is that they are made to filter bacteria and parasites. They will not filter out chemicals and viruses. If you are in the outdoors these are almost never concerns but it will be smart to check first.

Here are my personal rankings:

1. Sawyer Mini

Price: $19.95

Personally my favorite filter. The filter is great it has worked perfectly for me for years and it has a couple of perks. There are screw threads on the end so you can attach it to any bottle with a screw on top. It is easy to clean and very clear instructions on how to clean come with it. Very affordable. It comes with a plastic bladder you can attach to it so you can fill it up then squeeze the water through into a cup or bottle. 

Can filter up to 100,000 Liters of water. 



2. LifeStraw

Price: $17.47

I also own a LifeStraw. It is also a great product that is very small and easy to use. All you do is drink through it like a straw and you have clean water!

A big advantage of the LifeStraw is the LifeStraw Go. It is a water bottle with the LifeStraw inside. It’s as easy to use as any water bottle. It is a little extra for the Go but if you want to make purifying water as easy as possible this is the way to go.

Can filter up to 1,000 Liters of water.



3. AquaStiq

Price: $19.99

The AquaStiq is another great water filter. I do not own this filter because I have two other water filters but I know that it is still a great product. The AquaStiq comes with a tube so you can easily stick it in any body of water and not have to stick your face directly in it. The Aquastiq only weight 2 ounces! It is also very small so it will take up almost no room or weight. 

Can filter up to 1,000 Liters of water.



You really cannot go wrong buying any of these products. They all do what they are supposed to and you can purify water from any natural source. 

I urge you to purchase the Sawyer Mini and LifeStraw a little more because both companies have great humanitarian programs. 

Sawyer has programs to respond to natural disasters and provide clean drinking water. They also work with several churches and charities to help get clean water to people who need it. They also have programs to provide clean drinking water in third world countries. Sawyer really is a great company that is trying to have a positive impact on the world!

LifeStraw also has extensive humanitarian programs.  They are involved in over 64 countries and are providing clean water to millions of people a year. They are an incredible company and I would urge you to buy a LifeStraw even if to keep in an emergency bag. They are having a positive impact on the world! If you would like to check out their website and see the full extent of their project click here.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below! 


15 thoughts on “Best Water Filter For Camping- Easy and effective”

  1. Wow, that’s an ingenious idea and I have to buy one myself. I’m not a hiker but rather, a farmworker. We own and operate a large farm here in the Philippines. Every day, I carry with me a backpack with food and water inside. There are rivers and brooks on the sides of the farm, and there’s also a well where we get water for the animals to drink, maybe with this device I can also get drinking water for humans too from that well. Let’s see and find out if this work out well. Thanks for the share.

  2. Hi Wilson,

    I always enjoy reading your articles and I really enjoyed reading about the different water filters. I have an early version of the lifestraw and I find it is really good. The only problem is, it can be a little slow to get the water through. Are the newer ones better or would you recommend any other alternative? Thanks in advance, Andrew

  3. This one important issue should be considered separately when planning a camp of any sort and it is that of water health. Water filters are of different kinds and of different qualities in the general market and it’s by the influence of articles like this that we get to know which one should be considered or not. I love the suggestions you’ve made, they are nice and I’ll make sure to add it to the list. 

  4. From this list, I am going for life straw water filter. I like how small and tiny it is and how effective it could be when used especially the fact that it can filter that much water. Wow! This is awesome and worthy of giving a trial too. Thank you so much for sharing this here and surely, it would be awesome to take along when going on camping. It can even be used for kids water bottles to ensure their hygienes

  5. The life straw looks like an interesting product and a very useful one to own if you need to filter your water, especially on hiking and camping trips. Does it really feel like a straw to drink from, or does the water take a while to come up through the filters?

    The water filters are amazing that they make nowadays and great that they can do up to a thousand liters of water. It’s hard to imagine that such a small gadget can do so much. This will really make life easier and we won’t have to worry about carrying so much water with us anymore.

  6. The essence of filtering water at camping sites cannot be overemphasized. We all need to do it. It is simply inevitable for us all. In as much as we know we want to stay safe and clean, we must use water filters and seeing the list here, I’m amazed at how great the water filters could work even without stressing much. I like the life straw product and would try checking it out

  7. What we ingest into our body system affects us greatly either positively or negatively, so what we drink should be monitored carefully, especially when we’re in areas where we have limited access to clean purifier water, this makes it very important for us to have one or more water filters on our list of equipments we’re packing up for camping. The specs of the filters tou suggested are nice, I like the LifeStraw. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  8. I get worried most times I’m planning for camping with my family, why? Because I always get to treat one thing or the other foe my kids as a result of water contamination and I’ve tried several means of keeping our water clean. I’ll give this a trial and see as it goes, I’ll probably to for two of those water filters so as check the effectiveness of both and then I’ll be able to stick to one, this has been really helpful.

  9. Hey thank you for the great review!  I live in Kentucky so you can imagine all the camping I do with my family, especially in the summer time!  We have to carry a lot of water because we do not have a filter.  I am glad that you have made this list.  Honestly, I’m probably going to start with the Sawyer Mini, because like I said, I camp a lot with my family!  I’ll end up getting a straw too eventually though, because they seem easier to handle.

  10. Great information on water filtration. I liked all of the reviews on products and can see they are all effective. I personally agree with your choice of the Sawyer mini. The fact that it can filter 100,000 liters of water and it is light weight makes it a great product. The price is great considering it is not weighty and performs so well. But most importantly, I like this because it is a humanitarian device. Thanks for the great information.

  11. Hi, Wilson.
    Thanks for sharing the review on best water filters for camping.
    I liked Life Straw as the cost is comparatively low and it comes with the water bottle which is a must accessory during tracking and camping. It offers a little less quantity of water purification but 1000 liters is more than my current requirement. So I am going for Life Straw.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur


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