About this Site!

Welcome to BackpackingSupplies! I am here to lay out all the information you need about supplies for a great backpacking experience! I provide reviews and price comparisons on all equipment including links to several different vendors for price comparisons.

Backpacking for me:

Backpacking for me has always been one of my favorite activities. I’ve always loved being in the outdoors and experiencing nature. As a kid my friends in I would hike, build forts in the woods, and go on camp outs. I still regularly hike and camp out (I outgrew building forts in the woods!) and we go backpacking almost every chance we get.

Why I started BackpackingSupplies:

When my friends and I first started out we had no idea what we were doing! We brought 70 pound bags for a four-day trip! Even now, we know what to bring it still takes us several trips to the store to get everything and we still end up forgetting several things.

I want to make this site a one stop shop for all the information you need about supplies you should take on your next trip. 

How Backpacking Supplies Can Help You:

Backpacking supplies can help you with your next trip by providing everything required for your trip in one place. There are filters so you can narrow done the supplies to your specific trip. Also, there are reviews and price comparisons for every product. BackpackingSupplies will make preparing for next trip a breeze!

To your next trip,


founder of Backpackingsupplies.siterubix.com

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