About Sawyer Mini Filter: Great Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Product: Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Price: $19.95

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars

My Rating: 9/10



The Sawyer Mini is a small portable water filter. The filter is so good you can literally drink out of puddles with it! It is an incredible product and I take one with me on every backpacking trip. 

It is important to have a water purifying method so that you do not have to carry all of your water for your trip with you. Water is the heaviest thing that you will be carrying so you want to be able to carry enough to get you to a water source so you can fill up!

Before you go on a trip make sure you do some research about the trail and see how much water you will have to take with you. Make sure that you have enough water to make it between water sources. You do not want to run out of water in the middle of the woods! 

How to use:

To use it you just stick one end in water and suck through the straw and you have clean drinking water! It comes with an attachable straw so you can get a little more distance if you need to. It also has screw threads on the end so you can screw it onto water bottles with screw on caps! There is also a squeezable bag that comes with it so you can fill it up and have a bladder attached! 

If you are going camping then you should def get a water filter. The Sawyer Mini is a great option! The LifeStraw is also an incredible option. 

I own both but I tend to bring my Sawyer Mini with me because I find them easier to suck the water through and I like the screw on end. For drinking clean water both are great products though! 

If you are going camping there is no reason to not bring a Sawyer Mini with you. They are so small and easy to pack, and they are so easy to use! You just drink the water through it! 

If you would like to buy this incredible product you can just click the image right here -> and it will take you to it on amazon

If you have any questions or comments just leave them below! 

27 thoughts on “About Sawyer Mini Filter: Great Water Filter”

  1. Wow I will be getting one of these for myself as I am an avid traveler. I just have one question since you said it just filters the water in one go how does it work?
    Does it have a filter or maybe some chemicals which react instantly with water to do the purification.

  2. Great post!
    I would like to get one of these mini water filters because they can be so convenient for camping trips.
    I like how you broke down the information for how great this product is and made it clear that it is useful for many trips.
    I like that there is the attachable straw part too.
    I look forward to getting one of these soon.
    Thanks for all the helpful information!

  3. Who would’ve imagined that we would be able to drink dirty water through a purifying straw? Great stuff! This sawyer mini filer sounds like a must-have. Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated.

  4. This would be great to have when me and my family goes camping or on a hike! As long as you know where there are sources of water you can just use this to collect the water from the lake/river or whatever and filter it into a cup or something? That’s perfect, because you are right, carrying the water is probably the toughest part about going on a hike! Thank you for the review!

    • You can use the bladder to fill up a cup of water bottle! Or you could just drink straight through the filter and it will work that way too!

  5. WOW, nice article,

     This is a great and portable Water Filter.also price is really cheap. most of that we carry it in our pocket. sounds like that filter has the power to clean water within a few minutes. this will really helpful for camping. This filter has lot of positive reviews. Definitely, I will buy the sawyer mini filter

    thank you for sharing valuable information. Keep up the good work

  6. Hmmm… 🤔

    You mean I can sip dirty water through one end of the Sawyer Mini Filter and what I will get at the other end into my mouth and into my system is clean water? I must confess this is a great stuff and I would love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this awesome product.

  7. Wow, that is a super cool and crazy compact water filter! It’s great to see it come in with such high rating and reviews AND a price point that is reasonable. Seems like a really smart design and a good emergency bag item to keep around. Definitely a great addition to a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip as it’s small size wouldn’t take up too much precious space (or weight)!!

  8. Filtering water is an important convenience for hikers.  The small filter you have written about seems to fit the bill.

    I do like to hike, and carrying water is a chore for a weekend outing.   I will admit that I have not tried a portable filter, but have considered it.

    Will the water have any kind of taste to it?  Is this source listed the only way to get this product?  What do you see as being a concern for a new user?


    • It just tastes like water I have not noticed any added taste. And no you can find them at almost any outdoors store as well. I think I bought mine at Walmart. And honestly there are almost no concerns it does what it is supposed to do!

  9. wow, this product is awesome and I didn’t even know that something like this existed.

    even though I’m not much of a backpacker I’m sure this product will come in handy in many situations while traveling

    how often can you use it?

    Can you clean it properly or is there a limit to the times you can use it before replacing?

    does it really filter the water 100% ?

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • There are cleaning instructions with it. And it can purify up to 100,000 gallons of water. I mainly use it camping but I also keep it in my car in case of breaking down. 

  10. Wow! This is one of the best post I have so far today regarding filtering water. What a simple, fast, efficient and effective way of purifying water for healthy drinking.

    Btw, I was wondering if there wouldn’t be dirt particles gathering around somewhere in the filter after some time of usage. If yes, how can the dirt be removed?

  11. Great piece of equipment.  I am definitely going to get this for my nephew and his fiancé for Christmas.  The two of them do a tremendous amount of hiking through the hills of Wales and Scotland.  Plenty of water available in both countries, but having his filter would be absolutely ideal for them.

    Would this not be a great product counties who don’t have water purifying systems?  Possibly a healthy way of purifying water?

    Very interesting, thanks again


  12. Hello Wilson, what an interesting product the Sawyer mini filter gives us drinkable water. 

    It is a great solution for every backpacker and to use in our own home. 

    Also as in the image you can drink water through it. 

    I would like to know what would be the duration of the mini filter to change it. 

    Thank you!

  13. This product sounds like a life-saver for going camping or hiking; it would also be a great addition to a first aid kit.

    Most water filters are not this small or convenient.
    The price of the unit is very reasonable.

    I think it would make a great Christmas gift for the avid outdoorsman.
    The great Amazon reviews lead me to believe that it is an exceptional product.

  14. These days, the ability of a particular essential product to be portable makes its very much a vital thing for people especially those traveling away from home, and this happens to be a really nice water filter. There have been cases where I traveled to a place I had no idea their water was bad, and I came back home feeling sick to my stomach. Having such a filter that can fit into one’s water can would save us so many health issues. Best regards.


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